About 9 years ago I first picked up a camera to photograph people, fast-forward another 4 years and I decided to take this part-time adventure into a full-time gig and I've never looked back.  
Now I live a life I love. photographing couples, families, and so much more. To be able to do this as a job is something I never take for granted.
When I'm not doing photographer things, I'm with my pups Zoe + Sadie, booking flights to far away places or coaching and working out at my CrossFit gym. 

Photographer + bad ass human

Hi, I'm Maria

yes, with chamoy and tajin please

Margaritas 24/7

Jonas Brothers

still have my whole heart

Bucket list to see the world

15 countries on 4 continents visited so far and so much more
to go 

Things You Should Know