I admire real love stories + making individuals feel beautiful + empowered.  I’m all about capturing the real moments and emotions that you have. I want to see your realest smile + I want to hear you laugh from deep inside your soul.  My goal is to create a complete experience for you.  You will laugh, dance + feel free and in the moment.

I’m not the photographer who is just going to have you stand still + take your photo.

I am going to be constantly interacting with you + together we are going to create some magical moments! I can promise you that you will frolic, act a little silly + jam out to your favorite tunes. I will pour nothing but good vibes out + I promise to capture all your authenticity during our time together.

I’m not your average photographer + together we will capture exactly who you are during this chapter of your life in these photos.

Meet Maria

I'm Maria, a 26 year old born + raised South Texan.  I'm a lover of all dogs, great food (especially burgers + fries),  + almost all things fitness related,  except cardio...don't put me down for cardio! I can quote tons of movies, and casually work them into every conversation.  I have an obnoxiously loud true laugh, if you can get it out of me beware, once I start I won't stop!

When I'm not out shooting, I'm either doing CrossFit, hanging out with friends, or hopefully out on an adventure somewhere. I have a urge to see the world one country at a time, and I'm slowly but surely making that happen.

A little about the girl behind the camera

A few things I love:
Sunflowers and Peonies
Cereal and Ice Cream
(together or separate)
Netflix and Disney +
Plane Tickets Almost Anywhere

Where am I located?

I am based in Tyler, Texas but I serve all of Texas and ready to go just about anywhere


Wanna see where I'm headed next?

Near or far – I travel + work just about anywhere! Take a glance at my current travel schedule!

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