let me tell ya all about it

What to expect

Working with me is two things - fun and worry free.  From the get go I will help answer all your questions, we will talk about what you envision for your day and how I can play a part in all of that.  I want you to know I'm here for the long run.  I won't just show up on the day, I'll be here along the way to help as much as I can - whether that means vendor referrals or someone to gush about your dress to. I'm here for it.  

I like to stay as transparent as possible with all my clients. I am who I am and I want you to be true to you. If you have questions or need advice - I'm your girl.  Let's form a relationship where we can be honest with each other and helpful.  At the end of this you'll feel like you've known me for years.  

When you focus on the good—
the good gets better.

Sessions & weddings

When you are out searching for your photographer you want to be sure you're getting exactly what YOU want. That's where I come in.

During sessions I have a speaker on me and we will play your favorite music. We will set the mood and make you look like you've been in front of a camera your whole life.  No need to "practice poses" beforehand. I'm here to guide you through the whole thing - I gotchuuuu.

Wedding days are my favorite - your job is to enjoy the day and my job is to capture it. I will get to know your bridal party & family. I will mingle with the guests so they feel comfortable smiling for the camera.  Better believe I'll be out on the dance floor getting jiggy with it - because how else am I supposed to get those great party shots?! 










Weddings days are full of great moments, flowing emotions, and tons of feelings.  Let's make sure that is captured.