Still Waters Ranch | Houston Wedding Photography


October 10, 2020

Maria Rogers

Detail shot of Reception table with green centerpieces
Detail shot of personal picture table
Detail shot of engagement photo on wood table
Detail shot of white floral piece
Detail shot of reflective welcome sign and table assignment sign
Detail shot of Reception area and with round tables and coat hanging on circular arch
Detail shot of church Ceremony area
Table of Mason jar cups for the Reception
Detail shot of wedding dress hanging with Bridesmaids dresses
Bride before getting ready
Bride holding food magazine before Getting Ready
Bride opening up Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch before getting ready
Detail shot of invitation heels and engagement ring
detail shot of invitation and engagement ring
Bride getting ready putting on Bridal crown
Fun Bride and Bridesmaid portrait with Bride pointing to ring on finger with Bridesmaids reacting before getting ready
Bride getting help getting into dress
Closeup of mother zipping wedding dress up
Bride looking in mirror putting on earrings
Father and Bride before and after First Look
Bride wiping away tear off Father's face after First Look
Father hugging Bride after First Look
Bride and Groom holding hands around the door before Ceremony reading letters to each other
Groom reading letter before Ceremony to Bride
Detail shot of decorated cross alter for Ceremony
Bride and Groom at alter listening to Homily for Ceremony
Bride and Groom looking at each other for Ceremony with guests watching
Bride and Groom bowing their heads for Ceremony prayer
Bride and Groom hand in hand during vows for Ceremony
Closeup of Bride and Groom holding hands during Ceremony
Wide shot Bride and Groom bowing their heads during Ceremony prayer
Just married Bride and Groom kissing  at the alter
Bride and Groom holding hands exiting Ceremony with guests clapping
Bride and Groom relieved after exitig Ceremony
Portrait of Bride and Groom under green circular arch with white bouquet
Bride and Groom walking in between wedding party with hands raised
Bride and Groom resting their heads on each other
Bride and Groom arm in arm looking at each other on grassy field
Closeup of Bride holding Groom's arm while Groom is holding bouquet
Bride holding Groom from behind
B&W Bride and Groom kissing under the veil
Groom holding Bride by the calm lake
B&W Bride and Groom kissing on dock by calm water
Bride and Groom holding hands and looking at each other of grass field
Bride and Groom entering Reception with Guests taking pictures
Bride and Groom First Dance
Father daughter dance with Groom watching by sweetheart table
Mother son dance
Bride and Groom sitting at sweetheart table with Mariachi band playing around them
Guest grabbing dessert at sweets table
Detail shot of guest signed jenga pieces
Bride and Groom listening to speeches at the sweetheart table
Bride and Groom listening to Best man speech at sweetheart table
Bride sitting in chair with Bridesmaids surrounding for garter toss
Bride and Bridesmaid performance at Reception
Groom enjoying live performance in chair at Reception
Groom holding Bride and kissing her on dance floor at Reception
Bride and Groom dancing at Reception
Bride putting topping on sweets at dessert bar
Groom feeding Bride dessert
Bride and Groom eating baked treat together
Bride tossing bouquet
Groom in the midst of grabbing the garter
Groom after getting the garter
Bride and Groom dipping and kissing during sparkler exit

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