Big Bend National Park Elopement


October 12, 2020

Maria Rogers

Detail shot of dirt mountains out in the desert
Detail shot of tents outside in desert
Detail shot of starry night
Detail shot of glowing tent at night with stars in the sky
Bride getting ready with makeup artist doing makeup
Detail shot of makeup for wedding day
Detail shot of bubble tents with lights inside
Guys having breakfast in camp site with grill
Detail shot of tents in the morning and wedding dress and shirt hanging on wall
Bride getting hair curled by hair stylist getting ready
Bride and Groom's boots on the couch with desert flower bouquet
Bride getting help putting on wedding dress
Bride getting ready putting on earring
Bride in tent with wedding dress on
Groom getting ready tying shoes at table
Groom tying tie getting ready
Portrait of Groom after Getting ready
Bride approaching Groom for first look out in the desert
Groom's reaction to seeing Bride for First Look
Groom reading vows to Bride out in the desert
Bride reading vows to Groom out in the desert
Bride and Groom reading letter together
Bride with backpack on before hiking
Bride and Groom hiking canyon together
Detail shot of rocky terrain
Detail shot of sign for left and right directions
Bride and Groom listening to officiant in canyon
Bride and Groom standing together and looking at each other during elopement Ceremony
Bride and Groom hand in hand during elopement Ceremony
Bride and Groom hand in hand and kissing after Ceremony
Groom putting ring on Bride during Elopement
Bride and Groom leaning against canyon wall
Bride sitting on rock after elopement
Bride and Groom cheering plastic bagged sandwiches
Bride and Groom portrait with officiant and friend
Bride and Groom kissing in canyon
Closeup of desert floral bouquet
Bride and Groom under the veil touching noses
Bride and Groom kissing underneath the veil
Bride between rock walls
Bride and Groom hiking with "Just married" signs on their backpacks
Bride and Groom kissing and holding Just married sign
Groom nuzzling Bride out on desert field
B&W Bride and Groom back and back on the empty road
Bride and Groom holding hands looking at canyon
Wide shot of Bride and Groom kissing in front of canyon
Bride and Groom holding each other by canyon water
Bride and Groom about to kiss by canyon shoreline
Bride and Groom holding hands by big green plants
B&W Bride and Groom walking in the desert
Bride and Groom holding each other out in the desert
Portrait of Bride out on desert road
illuminated Bride and Groom hand in hand out in the desert at night
Detail shot of light up camp sight at night

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