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October 19, 2020

Maria Rogers

Detail shot of house with lots of greenery
Detail shot of blue door with lamps side by side
Detail shot of outdoor covered Reception area
Detail shot of white folding chair in front of trees for Ceremony
Detail shot of wedding dress hanging
Detail shot of Reception table with cup covers
Detail shot of reflective silverware on plate for Reception
Detail shot of Budweiser cans in ice bucket
Detail shot of sweetheart table with Mr and Mrs decorations
Detail shot of Reception with flower centerpiece
Wedding dress hanging on blue front door
Detail shot of polaroid and can covers
Detail shot of quaint old fashion church building
Detail shot of heels on carpet
Detail shot of Champaign box white heels and wedding rings
Detail shot of Living room area
Mother helping Bride button up wedding dress
Mother helping Bride get wedding dress on
Bride reading letter while mother helps button wedding dress
Bride getting help put on veil
Bride looking in the mirror after getting ready
Bride wiping tears after getting ready
Bride crying by father after getting ready
Bride getting Domino's pizza from pizza delivery man
Detail shot of cupcake table
B&W Bride crying with father before Ceremony
Officiant walking down sidewalk for Ceremony
ring bearer and flower girls going down the autumn grass aisle
Groom awaiting Bride by officiant
Wide shot of father and Bride arm in arm at the tree alter
Wide shot of father and Bride arm in arm entering Ceremony
Wide shot of Bride and Groom hand in hand by big tree during Ceremony
Groom listening to Officiant with Bride during Ceremony
Bride looking at Groom during vows for Ceremony
Bride putting ring on Groom during outdoor Ceremony
Just married Bride and Groom kissing at Ceremony by big autumn tree
Bride and Groom holding hands exiting the Ceremony together
Groom nuzzling Bride after Ceremony portrait
Bride holding Groom's arm with train extended out
B&W Bride and Groom holding each other in front of house
Bride and Groom about to kiss under the veil
Bride and Groom under the veil
Bride and Groom arm in arm with backs turned
Individual portraits of Bride and Groom out in green yard
Closeup of someone signing Marriage certificate
Bride and Groom holding hands entering outdoor nighttime Reception
Bride and Groom first dance with guests sitting and watching
Bride and Groom dancing during nighttime Reception
Bride and Groom dancing during nighttime Reception
Bride and Groom at sweetheart table listening to Maid of Honor speech
Bride and Groom raising Champaign gasses in the air for toast
Groom giving speech by sweetheart table
Father daughter dance at night
Groom dancing with flower girls
Bride and Groom cutting cake together
Bride and Groom laughing after cake tasting
Bride and Groom kissing after cake cutting
Bride dancing with guests at night Reception
Bride having a beer out on dance floor
B&W Groom getting garter off Bride
Groom holding gart up after getting it
Bride and Groom slow dancing together
Bride and Groom nighttime silhouette in front of house
Groom on one knee in church with Bride at night
Bride and Groom kissing during streamer exit

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